Cost-effective, High-capacity Delivery Robot



Key Features

  • Independently developed SLAM(synchronous localization and mapping) to ensure precise positioning and movements.
  • Intelligent obstacle avoidance ability provides secure service with multiple sensor.
  • Long service time: 12 hours uninterrupted service can be provided(actual results may vary).
  • Smart charge: autonomous timed and quantitative charging with optional charging pile.
  • Open access from the front and the rear of the tray makes it convenient for use.
  • Multi-Robot collaboration: Multiple robots can collaborate smoothly in the same working environment.
  • The big tray provides enough space for 4 pieces of 9-inch pizzas.
  • Up to 35kg full load ability for high demand.


Maximum coverage area per device 200*200n4
Minimum passage width 70cm
Moving speed 0.1~1.2m/s adjustable
Min. Turning Diameter 80cm
Braking distance 62cm(Max. moving speed & full load)
Moving speed 0.1~1.2m/s adjustable
Slope angle <5°
Battery life 12-15h
Service life circle 20000h
Multi-Robot Collaboration Maximum 10 robots
Multi-point delivery Up to 20 points(single delivery)
Intelligent obstacle avoidance maximum detect range <1.5M
Rated power 40Ww


Operating Temperature, Humidity - 45°C, RH: 5% ~ 85%
Operating environment Indoor environment, flat ground, no dust
Storage Temperature -30°C-60°C



Battery and charging

Battery type Ternary lithium battery
Battery capacity DC 48V 12Ah
Battery dismountable From
Charging mode Automatic charging with optional charging pile and manual charging by recharger
Charging Input 100-240V~ , 50/60Hz
Charing time 8h
Charging pile dimension 215*290*230mm
Charging pile weight 2.2Kg


Machine Material ABS
Positioning method Label Positioning
Positioning Accuracy Centimeter-grade
Sensing techniques LiDAR, Stereo Vision, Image Module, Collision Sensor, IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit)
Sensor coverage LiDAR detection range: 183°, >10M, Stereo vision range: 150°, 0.1-1.5m
Top Camera Angle 120°, celling height required 2-8m
Network Wi-Fi(241 2-2472MHz)
Memory and internal storage 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM
Touch Screen 7 inch(1024*600)
Interactive ability Touch