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Continuous self-service operation also for municipal stores

Security and self-service payment equipment for stores will ensure 24-hour operation will increase the profitability of your store.

The equipment is suitable for shops to ensure the operation completely without the assistance of staff and cashiers. Contio will provide secure entry for identified customers and their check-in and payment at a self-service payment kiosk.

Secure entry

The shop is equipped with optional security logic for the entry of identified customers.


The safest principle is a combined door and security turnstile entrance with entry via a mobile application in which the customer registers his identity. This principle prevents the simultaneous passage of another or unidentified person.


Other options include entry via a sliding or ordinary door with authentication and identification via the Contio mobile app.


Unattended outlets

up to 1 000 EUR

Operational savings

About 12 hours

Longer opening hours

Customer identification with Contio app or card

The customer registers their identity in the mobile app before entering the store premises for the first time, alternatively the operator issues a customer entry and payment card with a reloadable credit for purchase.

The operator determines the necessary identification data for registration, so a valid phone number, ID card or photo of the person can be verified before the first entry, fully in accordance with GDPR and the anonymization of verified data.



The mobile app contains an access key to the store premises, displayed only to customers with a registered identity. The app is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices.


The app also keeps a history of purchases with a detailed view of receipts, which remain always at hand. It also contains contact details of the shop operator and a map of unattended shops.

Get to know your customers

The web application aggregates information about purchases broken down by category and item. It also has a demographic data overview function that gives you a more detailed insight into your customer structure and allows you to create a more accurate product range or create targeted, personalised offers.

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The store of the future will open in the Czech Republic. The customer serves himself even at night

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This project was co-financed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the programme Czech Republic: the Country For The Future. Designation FX01030041.
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