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hybrid store with 24/7 operation

*Open: 3/2022

*Address: Podskalská 59, Strakonice, Czechia

To open the first unmanned store in hybrid mode, COOP chose the store in Strakonice. The store is specific in that it complements the existing service operation with unmanned operation after normal opening hours. The Strakonická shop has a two-door entry system with a control partition.

Regionka 24

Store in a mobile container building with unattended 24 hours a day

*Open: 8/2022

*Address:  Vodňanského, Tábor, Czechia

The store concept was designed by “recycling” a retired shipping container and adapted to the requirements of food retail. The shop serves as the main demonstration site for the Contio system and shows the results of continuous unattended operation 24 hours a day.


Restored country store in Bítovany

*Open: 8/2022

*Address: Bitovany 170, Czechia

A unique grocery store was created in Bítovany, which restored a store that had been closed for many years for the local community. The popular store is regularly visited by the majority of residents, also thanks to the fact that the entrance has been adapted even for people without a phone, based on loyalty cards with the option of pre-loading credit. The citizens of Bítovan can therefore conveniently shop even after the service section has expired. The store is an obvious example of how low-cost investments can ensure the long-term sustainable operation of stores in smaller municipalities.

Český Krumlov

hybrid store 24/7

*Open: 9/2022

*Address: Kaplická 24, Český Krumlov, Czechia

The Kaplice cooperative decided to open a self-service store in the tourist area of Český Krumlov and thus support the opening hours for its customers. Similar to the store in Strakonice, it has a counter consisting of two electronic sliding doors, which better protect the store from the entrance of unauthorized persons.

Ústí nad Orlicí

hybrid store 24/7

*Open: 11/2022

*Address: Československé Armády 1223, 562 01 Ústí nad Orlicí, Czechia

The Ústí nad Orlicí COOP cooperative opened its first store in a brand new building. The uniqueness is the use of only one-door entrance with the help of electronic sliding doors, which give the customer more comfort when entering the store. The store also aggregates the range of local producers to a large extent and thus supports the local economy.

Super zoo

petcare hybrid store 24/7

*Open: 12/2022

*Address: Průmyslová 643, 375 01 Týn nad Vltavou, Czechia

The first self-service store in the Czech Republic, probably also in Europe, with an assortment for pets. The entrance to the store is made up of a counter with a unique camera analysis for the entry of only one person. Therefore, only one person can enter this store, namely a registered customer in the Contio mobile application.

Geoobchod Brno

unattended shop with industrial tools

*Open: 3/2022

*Address: Průmyslová 643, 375 01 Týn nad Vltavou, Czechia

A completely unattended store with an assortment of industrial tools for surveyors. The tools are available to surveyors 24 hours a day, and the customer can comfortably make a selection of tools even at late hours. The uniqueness of the store is its division into two parts. The regular assortment is located in the main room, and the more expensive goods, on the other hand, in a separate room with remote opening, which is available to the staff.