Reference Unmanned Stores


Hybrid 24/7 store

* Opened: 3/2022

*Address: Podskalská 59, Strakonice

To open the first unmanned hybrid store,
COOP chose their Strakonice COOP location. Hybrid stores are unique in that they complement existing person-to-person service operations with unmanned operations after normal opening hours. The Strakonice shop has a two-door entry system with a controlled partition for enhanced security.

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Regionka 24 - Tábor

Unmanned 24/7 store in a repurposed
shipping container

* Opened: 8/2022

The store concept was imagined by repurposing a retired shipping container and adapting it to the strict requirements of food retail operations. This location serves as the main demonstration site for Contio systems and shows the positive results of continuous 24/7 unmanned retail operations.

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Restored municipal store in Bitovany

*Opened: 8/2022

*Address: Bitovany 170

A local store in Bitovany, which had been closed for many years, was refurbished in 2022 as a grocery store for the local community. The reinvigorated location is now regularly visited by the majority of the town’s residents thanks to the implementation of Contio technology. The store has also been adapted to allow access to customers without phones through the use of reloadable loyalty cards which grant access and also act as a method of payment. This store is a perfect example of how low-cost investments can ensure the long-term sustainable operation of retail businesses in municipalities of all sizes.

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Český Krumlov

Hybrid 24/7 store

*Opened: 9/2022

*Address: Kaplická 24, Český Krumlov

COOP Kaplice chose to open a self-service store
within the main tourist area of Český Krumlov to better suit the needs of its customers. Similar to the store in Strakonice, two electronic sliding doors provide secure access for verified customers into the store while simultaneously preventing access to unauthorised individuals.

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Ústí nad Orlicí

Hybrid 24/7 store

*Opened: 11/2022

*Address: Československé Armády 1223, 562 01 Ústí nad Orlicí

COOP Ústí nad Orlicí opened its first store in a new building. This particular store makes use of only one set of electronic sliding doors, allowing for a more convenient and comfortable entry for customers. This store also supports the local economy by sourcing a number of its products from local producers.

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Super zoo

Hybrid 24/7 pet store

* Opened: 12/2022

*Address: Průmyslova 643, 375 01 Týn nad Vltavou

The first self-service store in the Czech Republic with an assortment of products specifically for pets. The entrance to Super zoo consists of a counter with a unique monitoring system which analyses and grants access to verified customers using the Contio mobile app.

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Geoshop Brno

Unmanned 24/7 hardware store

*Opened: 3/2022

*Address: Sobolova 146/13, 625 00 Bohunice

A completely unmanned shop in Brno stocked with
an assortment of industrial hardware and tools for surveyors. The tools are available to surveyors 24 a day and customers can comfortably select and purchase desired equipment at any hour. What makes this store unique is that it has been divided
into two parts; a main room carrying a variety of regular tools, and a second room carrying more expensive goods.