Secure unmanned retail solutions up to 24
hours a day


Cost saving and sustainability

By installing a self-service system, operating costs can be lowered and business spending can be reduced, even in stores located in smaller villages. Contio’s unmanned sales equipment helps small businesses cultivate long-term sustainability goals through automation.

Contio systems are not only suitable for new store owners, but also support retrofitting traditional stores with modern equipment.


Cost saving and sustainability

The implementation of self-service technology in unmanned stores leads to a significant reduction in costs – specifically the cost of labour – without making sacrifices to customer convenience. This enables business owners of all sizes to prosper economically in the long term and maintain operations to the benefit of the owner as well as its customers.


Self-service: Hybrid or 24/7

Choose a business model that suits your needs. The hybrid model allows for normal business operations with staff during regular business hours, after which the store can continue to run unmanned using Contio self-service systems. Alternatively, stores can be run 100% unmanned through the use of Contio self-service systems without the need for any service staff.


Entry and payment via loyalty card or mobile

Customers are able to access stores quickly and conveniently using their mobile phone or a store issued loyalty card. At the self-service kiosk, payment for selected goods can also be made using a variety of payment methods including reloadable loyalty card, mobile phone, or credit card.


Security and remote management

For maximum security, it is possible to outfit stores with a double entrance and remote monitoring system using surveillance cameras, keeping your store safe from unverified intruders.

We’ve thought of everything, which is why our remote management software can be used to personalise your store and make your job easier.

In addition, our management system also has the ability to connect to existing alarm systems.


Return on investment

The initial investment made when setting up a self-service point-of-sale system can typically be recovered within five months of its installation. With such an incentive, there is no downside in modernising your retail space for the future.


Scan&Go - payment by mobile app

In order to save on operating costs, it is possible for customers to use the Contio mobile app to pay for selected goods directly without the need for a point-of-sale kiosk.