Low cost operation

Unmanned systems do not require staff presence for processing sales.
All that you need to do is stock the shelves and the customers take care of payments independently.

Business, brand, and product collaborations

Take advantage of local networking and subsidy options by connecting with regional merchants, farmers, producers, and wholesalers to share and promote sales. Alternatively, use mobile shops to sell your own products exclusively.

Sell your own products 24/7

Ensure your products are available for purchase 24/7 and keep costs low by eliminating the need for third-party sellers.
Contio technology can be installed in your own brick & mortar space or installed in a fully equipped mobile store.

Turnkey mobile construction

Contio also provides businesses with fully equipped stores in varying models. From timber constructed modules to repurposed shipping containers, we have solutions to fit countless business plans. Stores can even be outfitted with solar panels as a cost-saving measure or for stores in remote locations.

Supplementary sales from wholesalers

Contio also partners with wholesalers who can supply business owners with an additional assortment of everyday products.