Benefits of unmanned operation

Unmanned and continuous operation

Currently, there is a significant transformation of operations to unmanned operation, the advantage of which is simpler and faster customer service.

Gym members can workout at whichever time best suits their busy lifestyles. Members enjoy the benefits of extended hours of operation, which allows them to workout on their own time.

Access via mobile app or loyalty card

Gym members can quickly and conveniently access unmanned fitness centres using the Contio mobile app, which is always at hand.
Otherwise, members can opt to use a loyalty card issued directly by the fitness centre.

The unmanned system offers businesses the option of selling a rechargeable access ticket on-site through self-service kiosks.

Cost saving and the sale of supplements

The typical cost of a fitness centre reception is around €1500. By implementing an unmanned system, this expense can be
significantly reduced or eliminated. In a completely unmanned 24-hour fitness centre, the initial investment cost can be
recuperated within a few short months with the added benefit of not having to pay and manage administrative staff.

Do visitors need supplementary goods to complement their workout? Perhaps a drink, protein, or something else? The self-service
kiosk can also take care of this. Visitors can buy available in-centre products at their own leisure and handle the checkout process through the self-service kiosk or Contio mobile app.

For regular customers, we create custom made loyalty cards

The mobile app contains an access key to the centre premises and is displayed only for members who have registered their identity through the app. The app is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices.

Switching to 24/7unmanned operations allows your members to visit your fitness centre at whichever time is most convenient for them. This means members will be able to visit outside of peak times in order to optimise their workouts which improves overall customer satisfaction.

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