Banking identity and store entry app

Access to the self-service shop is always under the direction of the operator, who has the possibility to determine the customers allowed to shop. It is thus possible to allow people to shop by prior registration via SMS or Bank Identity. These technologies will ensure that access to the shop is possible up to 24 hours a day.

In the case of a banking identity, the user logs into the Contio mobile app via the Banking Identity function and further verifies their identity via mobile banking, making registration quick for the user and ensuring that the data is always valid.

Entry to the unmanned shop will itself be subject to double identification of the customer, who must have a bank identity and a special mobile phone app. You can open the door with your credit card, as you can at some bank branches. The application is mainly used to pair the customer with the shopping system. In addition, the area is guarded by cameras.

The unmanned shop will also be accessible to people who do not have a bank identity or mobile app can use the Contio card, which they can get from the operator by registering in person. They can also use this card to make purchases if they do not have a credit card.

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