Unmanned corporate shop

Company stores are an opportunity for businesses to get their products directly to the end customers and this brings with it many advantages, for example pricing.

For traditional company stores, in addition to the equipment of the establishment, it is necessary to provide suitable staff, the lack of which and the amount of wage costs are often the reason why the store does not open.

The Contio 24 system gives companies the opportunity to open a completely unmanned shop with savings in current labour costs of approximately CZK 350,000 per year. At the same time, the prode time can be extended up to 24 hours per day. This means, of course, a higher turnover and thus an increase in profits. All this at the minimum operating costs necessary to stock and maintain the store.

Contio secures the shop premises with an identification system so that only customers with an approved registration, payment card or Contio card that the shop operator can issue to the customer can enter the shop premises.

The extension module Central to the shop aggregates all sales data with automatic connection to warehouse and accounting systems. Accounting for sales, inventory and input invoices can be done robotically. The advanced analytics tool also gives accurate insight into the turnover of sales groups, items and customer demographics. Electronic devices can be remotely switched off and on from this web app, also available for mobile phones.