Try connecting to the CONTIO Security monitoring centre.

The Centre already monitors dozens of unattended shops in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Remotely supervises CCTV systems, controls access systems, checks the legitimacy of entrances or exits from/to the building.

Effective protection and assistance.

A monitoring station with our experienced and specially trained operators guards your shop around the clock. Operators respond immediately to all types of alarm signals and take action according to pre-agreed instructions in the intervention plan. If necessary, they immediately send an intervention unit to the object to check the situation on the spot.

What services can I provide?

– PZTS monitoring (PCO monitoring)
– Online video surveillance of the camera system
(RVS = Remote Video Solutions)
– Remote shop management
(Remote Security = remote control of PZTS,
ACS, CCTV surveillance)
– Emergency button to call for help
– Shopping assistant = remote assistance
entry to the shop and payment for self-service
service charges to the treasury
– Dispatch outsourcing

What benefits will the monitoring centre bring you?

– Reliable protection, round-the-clock surveillance of your property and peace of mind 24/7/365
– Preventing crime and reducing potential risks
– National coverage
– Cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic and IZS in case of emergencies
– Reporting tailored to your needs
– Service provided by professionally trained operators
– overview of alarms; possibility to call off after a scare (prevent the mobile unit from leaving)
– possibility to manage multiple objects at once; possibility to connect security solutions from other vendors