Unattended sales
safely up to 24 hours a day


Self-service shops for municipalities

By installing a self-service system, operating costs can be effectively optimized even in a store located in a village of 100 or more inhabitants. Contio’s unattended sales mode will help drive long-term sustainability and automation. Restore your country store too.


Cost savings and sustainability

The launch of the unattended shop leads to a significant reduction in costs, especially labour costs. This will enable the shop to prosper in the long term and maintain its operations to the benefit of the operator and its customers.


Either self-service 24/7 or hybrid - after normal opening hours

Set the shop mode that suits you. During the day, the shop can operate normally with staff, after which it can be switched to unattended mode. The system also allows the shop to operate up to 24 hours a day without the need for any staff.


Entry and payment by loyalty card or mobile phone

Customers can get to the store quickly and easily using their mobile phone or loyalty card. At the self-service kiosk, payment for selected goods is also made by loyalty card, mobile phone or credit card.


Security and remote management

For maximum security of the store, it is possible to build a double entrance and remote monitoring via a camera system. This will keep your shop completely safe.

We’ve thought of everything, which is why remote management of assortment items can be used to make your job easier. Also to connect our system to the existing EZS.


Return on investment and financing options

The investment made in setting up a self-service point-of-sale system is recovered within five months of its installation. A significant advantage of the shop automation is also the possibility of using project funding from the municipal, regional and regional budgets, local action groups or the Obchůdek 2021+ programme. At this point, there is nothing stopping you from setting up a modernised shop even in a small village.


Scan&Go - payment by mobile app

In order to save costs, it is possible to use the Contio mobile app, through which the customer can then simply pay for their purchase. In this mode, there is no need for a payment kiosk.