Benefits of unattended operation

Unattended and continuous operation

Currently, there is a significant transformation of operations to unmanned operation, the advantage of which is simpler and faster customer service.

Customers can work out at any time and do not have to follow the opening hours of the fitness centre.

Access via mobile app or loyalty card

No more delays with payment or searching for a loyalty card, the customer can quickly and easily access the unattended fitness using the mobile app on their phone, which is always at hand, or via their loyalty card.

The unattended system offers the possibility of purchasing a season ticket on the spot and also recharging it via a self-service kiosk.

Cost savings and sales of fitness supplements

The monthly cost of a fitness centre receptionist is around 35 thousand. CZK. By incorporating an unmanned system, these costs are reduced, the operation is completely unmanned and the investment is recouped within a few months. With unattended operation, you no longer need any employees.

Does the visitor need to buy a drink, protein or something else? The self-service kiosk takes care of this, the customer buys the accessories he can’t miss while exercising and pays for them with a credit card.

For regular customers, we create tailor-made loyalty cards.

The mobile app contains an access key to the centre premises, displayed only to customers with a registered identity. The app is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices.

The 24/7 operation allows you to visit the fitness center whenever you want. No more waiting for your favourite machines that are always busy during normal opening hours.

Get to know your customers

The web application aggregates information about purchases broken down by category and item. It also has a demographic data overview function that gives you a more detailed insight into your customer structure and allows you to create a more accurate product range or create targeted, personalised offers.

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