Unmanned and continuous operation

Facilitate the operation of your own playground, whether it is private or operated by, for example, a municipality. The Contio system offers a self-service system for booking a pitch without the assistance of a person.

Contio offers visitors the opportunity to use the sports field at any time and does not have to follow the opening hours.

Contio - mobilní aplikace pro fitness

Access via mobile app or loyalty card

No more delays in making a reservation, securing an entry key or searching for a loyalty card. The customer can get to the unmanned sports ground quickly and easily using a mobile application on their phone, which is always at hand or via a loyalty card.

The self-service system offers the possibility of buying a season ticket on the spot and also topping it up via a mobile application or a self-service kiosk.

Access via mobile app or loyalty card

The monthly cost for the fitness center receptionist is around 15,000. CZK. When installing an unmanned system, these costs will be reduced, the operation will be completely unmanned and the investment will be returned within a few months. With an unmanned operation system, you no longer need any employees.

Does the visitor need to buy a drink, protein or something else? This is taken care of with the self-service kiosk, where the customer buys accessories that he cannot miss during exercise and pays for them with a payment card.

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The mobile app contains an access key to the center premises, displayed only to customers with a registered identity. The app is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices.

Continuous operation 24/7 allows the sports venue to be visited whenever the athlete needs it. There is no need to wait for the receptionist to hand over the key to the athlete.

Get to know your customers

The web application aggregates information about purchases broken down by category and item. It also has a demographic data overview function that gives you a more detailed insight into your customer structure and allows you to create a more accurate product range or create targeted, personalised offers.

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